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It is well known that the symptoms of neurodegenerative diseases such as dementia are caused by damage of the neuronal network in the brain. For example, amyloid-beta deposition is associated with neuron damage, synapse damage, and brain atrophy and has been recognized as a major cause of neurodegenerative disease such as dementia. Accordingly, research on developing treatments that target amyloid-beta has been the focus for the past 20 years. Not a single case of successful treatment, however, has resulted from these endeavors, and even when the cause of neuron damage is eliminated, it is not possible to repair the damaged neurons.

Development of treatment with a new MOA that exceeds the limited effects of temporary relief or delay in symptoms, which is what the therapeutic drugs on the market today can offer, is in desperate need. GENUV believes that we need treatments with leading-edge therapeutic mechanisms that can regenerate the damaged nervous tissue and not just treatments that intend to eliminate the neuron damage-causing materials.

We at GENUV aspire to treat neurodegenerative diseases in an innovative way through the regeneration of nervous tissue by inducing the differentiation of endogenous neural stem cells in the patient’s brain into neurons.

The ATRIVIEW Platform established by GENUV, through the cell phenotype analysis, filters out cytotoxic materials and screens for compounds that have a differentiation-inducing effect. It is a system for discovering compounds that induce the differentiation of cells without cell death in disease simulated conditions.